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Hershey Class Reunion
Bill and Joyce (Hart) DererBob and Judy (Peterman) AndersonBob and Susan  (Cutshall) SchaefferChuck and Bonnie Saint SingChuck TrennDave and Sharon EdwardsDave and Yvonne (Rollins) DavidsonDennis and Linda  (Deaven) BestDennis Haines and Judy FausnachtDonald and Doris (Koser) SummersDorothea BrightballDouglass HenryEarl Peters and Mary MuikaEd and MaryJane StuckEmil and Gail (Simmons) BuneFrank and Franceen  (Garman) DeyoGalen HitzGene and Sandy (Howell) GarverGroup RetouchedHerb and Darlene (Phillippy) Graby